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Rapid Flu Tests

At Terem, we understand that quick and accurate identification of the flu is critical for proper and timely treatment. Therefore, we offer rapid flu testing services at all Terem Centers nationwide.
The flu is a viral illness that can cause severe symptoms such as high fever, muscle aches, fatigue, headaches, and respiratory problems. Early detection can help prevent complications, especially for high-risk groups such as young children, the elderly, and pregnant women.

Advantages of Terem’s service:

  • Fast results – Our rapid tests provide results quickly, so you can know if you have the flu and receive appropriate treatment without delay.
  • High accuracy – Our tests are conducted by professional and skilled teams, ensuring accurate and reliable results.
  • Nationwide availability – Rapid testing services are available at all Terem Centers, ensuring high accessibility for all.
  • Tailored treatment – If the test is positive, our medical team will recommend suitable treatment.

How does it work?

  • Visit the nearest Terem – No appointment is needed.
  • Perform the test – A professional team will take a sample from your nose or throat.
  • Receive results – Usually within 15-30 minutes.

Cost of the rapid flu test:
For urgent care patients as part of treatment: 30 NIS
For rapid test only: 50 NIS

Don’t wait! Visit your nearest Terem for a rapid flu test and receive precise and prompt treatment if needed.

For More Information:

Tel: 1-599-520-520

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